Monday, March 14, 2011

Milestones, wonderful milestones

This weekend I hit not one but two milestones. On May 19th of last year I found DailyMile and started plugging my mileage in there every day just like any OCD lunatic would. Friday I logged my 1000th mile in daily mile which was pretty exciting for me. It consisted of 883.99 miles running, 109 miles cycling and 7.21 miles swimming. Granted my the end of the day today I will be at 1031 miles as the miles do pile up quickly but it was so exciting to see daily mile say 1000 miles. And sometime by the middle of next month or earlier I should hit 1000 miles running by itself.

I do wish I would have started tracking back in January of 2009 as it would be fun to see what kind of miles I have logged in my 27 months of weight loss and craziness. 2009 was all about consistency and days in a row for me. I did a minimum walk of 1.6 miles 354 days out of 365 and it was always the goal to see how many days I could go without missing a day (longest streak was 169 days). So I know that I must have logged around 600 miles in 2009 as I also would occasionally do longer walks of 1.8 or 3.0 miles and in December of 2009 I started running and my pattern then was 2 miles running. That was also the month I joined the gym (yep didn't join a gym for 11 months and lost 110 pounds without one) and my typical day was 3 miles on the elliptical machines and 2 miles on the treadmill. So if I were to count elliptical miles I am sure I am well over 2000 right now but it was still fun to see my 1000th mile logged.

Sunday was another test run at the dreaded 15miler that has been killing me of late. My plan was good, my execution of plan was good and yet it still ended in disaster. During my 15miles I drank 34 ounces of water, 12 ounces of Gatorade, ate some GU chomps and had a GU Gel and despite all that I bonked severely around mile 14. Cramping badly I limped home once more humbled by a run longer than 12 miles. I am at a loss where to go next with trying to figure out this problem. A lot of solutions have been offered to me and the next test is going to be sodium tablets to see if it's just more than an electrolyte imbalance. After that maybe some hammer anti fatigue caps, and who knows what else. With six months to go tell the marathon the problem of runs longer than 12 miles still humbles me. But at least I know I got plenty of time to figure the problem out and do something about it.

There could have been a lot of other factors involved yesterday from the fact that it was very warm for the first time this year resulting in me getting quite the sunburn to the fact that I altered my route. Normally on a 15miler I do three loops of my normal 5 mile loop. But growing weary of the same 5 mile loop every day I increased my loop to 6.33 miles doing it twice and then doing a 2.33 mile loop to finish it all off. And the extra 1.33 miles of the loop alas were all uphill on a hill that could give the Veyo hill on the marathon course a run for it's money. It's a two mile hill on grades of %8-12 and just never seems to end. I think the Veyo hill might be more steep but at least it has the courtesy of ending after a mile or so. Adding these two additional factors in to what was already giving me problems probably was not wise. But that led me too milestone number 2.

Pre-run I weighed myself at 217 pounds and post run I weighed myself and I was down to 211 pounds. That means I lost a whopping 6 pounds in 2 hours and 50 minutes beat that biggest loser. It also meant for the first time I had lost more than 200 pounds since I starting losing weight making my grand total 204 pounds. I reweighed myself this morning and I kept 4 pounds of it off only going back up to 213 pounds making it official. I have lost 202 pounds in 27 months or 48.6% of my total body weight. This was my original goal more than two years ago and know I wonder if I can get down to 200 pounds or 190 pounds.

So two milestones in one weekend, sore muscles, cramps, sunburn and looking for a new strategy what more can one ask.

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