Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Heat and Limits

I have been contemplating what it would be like to be on the biggest loser at this very moment. Currently they are shooting season 10 somewhere in California that will air sometime this September and as I struggled this week I wondered how if they are struggling there too. This week has been one of the single hardest weeks working out for me during the last eighteen months. Its been hot and our Air Conditioner was on the fritz for four days this week meaning I have been hot and miserable all week and lacking in energy. I have had to force myself to work out every single this day and everyday when I got the gym it was so hard to press that start button. So I wondered how those Biggest Loser contestants fought the heat, fought through their own personal walls and what Bob and Jillian do to combat the heat and those days when your energy level is oh so very low. I like to swim but I have a gym membership right now and haven't renewed my pool membership meaning it costs me $4 every time I got to the pool that's in addition to the money I already pay for a gym membership. I have hit the pool the last two Saturday's and lost 2 pounds both days, I think my body reacts well to a change in routine and using different muscle groups (I am thinking of going to the pool again tomorrow).

Which brings me to limits its very interesting to see Jillian yell and scream someone past their limits and I wonder where I am on that front. I know I am not taking it easy my workouts are very intense and they have got more and more difficult as time has gone by. I think that is what part of my problem is this summer is the fact that my workouts are so much more intense now then they were a year ago I just don't know how far past my limits I am pushing myself. I have never had a personal trainer or anyone yelling at me to push it harder or just a little further it has all been on my soldiers. I think I am doing a good job as it would be easy for me to just set the treadmill at a 4.0 and walk my 5k everyday but instead I force myself to run as far as I can go everyday and always to try and improve my best time. There was a time when walking 1.5 miles used to give me such bad shin splints that I was incapacitated for a half hour afterwords now I can run an 8 minute mile and run 3.1 miles in just a little over what it took me to do 2.0 miles just 8 months ago. So I know I am pushing myself but I wonder what it would be like to have Jillian yelling behind me could I push it just a little further just a little faster.

I wonder if those who have personal trainers do push themselves a little further, I wonder what campus life is like on the Biggest Loser but I still keep plugging even when it takes every ounce of my will power to force myself to go to the gym.

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