Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wheeling and Dealing

At my local gym I go to they have posters up as kind of a promotional affair with peoples before and after stories. Last week I offered to do one of their posters and be a poster child if they hooked my wife up with a free membership along with mine and the owner went for it.

So I wrote my before and after story this morning:

Every journey starts with a single step, in January of 2009 I got tired of being overweight and I took that first step. With a new baby on the way it was about time I started as I had not always been overweight, I had put on 10-20 pounds every year over a decade. So I could remember a time when I was relatively fit and healthy and I wanted to get back to that. I applied for the biggest loser and figured I could work out while I waited to see if I made the television show (I even attended a boot camp held by former biggest loser contestants). I began slow mostly walking and some minor cardio with squat thrusts and using the wii at home. As time went by and I got stronger and more healthy I used Rezults to add in weight training and to better my overall fitness. At one time I used to get such bad shin splints from walking 1.6 miles that it would incapacitate me for a half hour after words, now I run a 5k (3.1 miles) almost everyday followed by a half hour of weight training. I have lost 165 pounds in eighteen months and still have around 40-50 more to go and with the help of Rezults I will get there.

and I haven't decided on my before and after pictures yet, I thought of using my pictures with Sionne from the two times I met him (but I was down almost 40 pounds when the before picture was taken).

I also thought of taking a new photo for my after as I have lost a little weight since that photo was taken in May, I guess I will just have to decide later. But wheeling and dealing pays dividends.

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