Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Road Runner returneth

I may have had my roughest week ever in my weight loss journey this pass week and not because I gained any weight but simply because I was unable to workout or train for most of that week. I have accepted I might not lose much more weight and even though I would like to lose another twenty pounds it just might not be possible with the excess skin I have from going from 415 pounds to 244 pounds not without surgery to remove that skin. So for me the last three months its all about maintaining and to have a week where you can't workout is very frustrating.

It all started a week ago last Sunday when after and eight mile run (I am training for my first ever half marathon on November 6th and trust me anything with the word marathon in it is so very super sexy even if its just a half) I came home limping a little in my right foot. Not too worried about it I still took Monday off as we went out to dinner even though the foot felt fine the next day. But then after a three mile run on Tuesday I was severely limping for the next three days. I was not able to run and all sorts of horror stories start running through your head, do I have bone spurs they are hereditary and my Dad and Grandma had them what to do what to do.

Well after a little research I came to the conclusion it just might be my shoes, really your shoes the ones you have ran 500 miles on cmon you can't be serious right. Well the shoes while nice Nike's were not running shoes so we decided to go get me a pair of Nike running shoes. And I never knew the difference real running shoes could make. It is a night and day difference and so amazingly fantastic the difference. But at the same time I got the flu around Thursday and despite being pretty sick on Saturday I so wanted to try out my new shoes and go for a run that I did.

Bad mistake. Around mile two I found myself puking all over some poor businesses wall and had to walk the rest of the way home. This put me out of commission for another two days and all of a sudden I had ran twice in nine days and one I came up limping and the other I came up puking.

Well today for the first time in a long time I felt good and decided to go for another run. Finally healthy again I decided to do three miles my normal easy every day run. Well I got to three miles and it seemed way to easy and I was feeling so fantastic I did another two miles and had it not been ten o clock at night I might have done another five miles.

After not running for a week I had so much adrenaline pumping through me after five miles I was literally dancing in my living room afterwords. I could have never imagined a year and half ago running five miles and being so full of energy I felt like I could run another five and find myself dancing in my living room in such a good mood.

God how I love running now, you might be amazed where your journey might take you if you go on it. You might find yourself having just run five miles and with so much energy that you are dancing in your very living room. Oh and I love my running shoes oh how I love them.

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