Saturday, July 3, 2010

Small Victories and plateauing

Its been a rough couple of last weeks, I haven't really lost any weight since mid June despite the fact that I have gotten in at least 30 minutes of cardio 13 days in a row and 21 of the last 23. So i am struggling with the heat but still getting in my workouts and even in that time I have ran to 10k and numerous 5ks. I did join the pool so thats a nice change of pace when its so hot out but its frustrating to not lose weight for over 2 weeks. I have been bouncing between 250 and 254 the last couple of weeks. I feel like its way to early to be plateauing as I still have forty more pounds to go before I want to be done. I would be happy with maintaining if I was at my goal weight I don't want to maintain in the 250's though.

So I am going to celebrate the small victories right now. When your overweight there is so many things you can't do that you can when your thinner. First off is booths at restaurants you just don't fit. You can squeeze in and have your stomach hanging over the table but it's so uncomfortable and kind of humiliating. You always have to ask for the table and sometimes the waitress just takes you right straight to a booth without even asking and you have to have her redirect you to a table. It is so nice to not have to worry about something that small and silly anymore.

Secondly we went to Fiesta Fun for my wives nieces birthday a couple weeks ago. They have go carts and bumper boats and minigolf. I actually took my wife on out first date there almost six years ago and we road the gocarts. Two years ago I went there on a company party and I was too big to ride the gocarts anymore and I tried the bumper boats instead but I was so big that it barely moved and I had to get off humilated before the ride was even over. Well that is no longer a problem as we rode the gocarts and I fit perfectly in face I fit better than I did six years ago and we had a blast.

Thirdly the pool. three years ago I tried to use the pool to lose weight and since I didn't weigh myself back then I have no idea if I was successful at all. But when I use to swim in the deep end to do laps I could not pull myself out of the pool I would have to swim to the little ladder to get out of the pool. Now when I go swimming I can pull myself out no problem it is so liberating. Plus you get a lot less looks at 250 pounds then at 415 when you go to the pool as I refused to be one of those fat people that swam with a shirt on because they were embarrassed I knew I was fat and wasn't going to make swimming uncomfortable by hiding it with a shirt. Now I don't get those looks anymore it is so very nice.

So those are my three small victories for the last couple of weeks, booths, fitting in the gocarts and pulling myself out of the pool that will have to tide me over tell I lose more weight.

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