Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh you dreaded down time

Tonight will be the first night I run since running my half marathon on Saturday. The last two days I have been recuperating and just going on easy two mile walks to rest and loosen up my muscles but that is not what has me so antsy. What has me at a loss is for the first time in months I have no race to train for, nothing to shoot for. Sure the Saint George Marathon is on my list as I plan on running it next year but that isn't until October of 2011 almost 11 months away. Every single training plan I have seen for a marathon is 4-5 months long. That means until May of next year I have nothing to train for, no 5k's (the first thing I trained for in August), no 12k's, and no Half Marathons to run.

So what is a runner to do, what does one do with the down time, the lull in between races. Do I still continue to run my long runs every weekend like I have the last two months as I prepared for my halfer. Running three miles a day is a given as I love to run but where do I go from there.

I think I might work on my speed work and maintaining my runs without having to walk. My goal is still to run the Swiss Days 5k and I want a time under 25 minutes, heck I might even shoot for 22 minutes. But will the speed work throw me off my ultimate goal of running a marathon. I find myself at a loss but forget all that nonsense its time to run :)


  1. Where do you live? A lot of places have a Turkey Trot 5K, 10K that would be in a few weeks. Where I am, they even do a Jingle Bell run in Dec..I think you might have to look at traveling to the next big city for a race.

  2. I am in Southern Utah there is a Turkey Trot next Saturday and untimed 5k that I planned to run as its only 3 cans of food and goes to charity to run it. I need to buy a stop watch though and untimed run might make the OCD in me weep and then go on a killing rampage haha.